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A Friend

  • Description

    There are times when musical greatness runs in a family, this is one of those times.

    Jon Otis is the son of the great bandleader and songwriter, Johnny Otis and much like his famous father he is a singer and songwriter.

    "A Friend" is Jon's debut SRI Jazz album and it's filled with great r&b/soul hits.

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Total Eclipse Of The Moon 4:23 $0.69
So Much Greed 5:09 $0.69
Shake It 4:39 $0.69
It Feels So Right 4:54 $0.69
I Fell In Love 5:24 $0.69
Freedom Is Slavery 4:09 $0.69
Clear The Air 4:15 $0.69
And The Years Roll By 4:22 $0.69
A Friend 5:14 $0.69

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