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Formed in the New York City area, the Detergents were a trio comprising Ron Dante, Danny Jordan and Tommy Wynn. Dante had been a songwriter and demo singer at New York’s Brill Building, where his compositions had been placed with such artists as Johnny Mathis, Bobby Vee and Gene Pitney. In 1964, Dante hooked up with Jordan and Wynn and recorded a parody of the hit song by the Shangri-Las, ‘Leader Of The Pack’. Entitled ‘Leader Of The Laundromat’ it was composed not by Dante, but by Paul Vance and Lee Pockriss, earlier responsible for such hits as ‘Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini’ and ‘Catch A Falling Star’. The song was released on the Roulette label and eventually climbed to number 19 in the US singles chart.

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The Leader of The Laundromat 16:47 $0.69
Mrs. Jones 13:09 $0.69
Little Dum Dum 12:40 $0.69
The Little Old Doctor From Ipanema (Pt 1) 17:39 $0.69
Jimmy's Girl 12:58 $0.69
The Blue Kangaroo 8:31 $0.69
I Don't Know 14:28 $0.69
Soldier Girl 13:40 $0.69
The Little Old Doctor From Ipanema (Pt 2) 17:00 $0.69
From LA To New Orleans (Broken Down Bus) 13:10 $0.69
Life Goes On 13:04 $0.69
Tea And Trumpets 11:35 $0.69

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