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This great R&B/soul quartet from Chicago exploded on the music scene in at the end of the 60's. The Chi-Lites scored eleven Top Ten R&B hits from 1969 to 1974. Although constant changes in the members of the group, their sound remained - the hits diminished but demand for the group always was high. This collection contains our favorites and we believe they are yours as well.

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Give It Away 2:46 $0.69
I Like Your Lovin (Do You Like Mine) 3:29 $0.69
(For God's Sake) Give More Power To The People 3:07 $0.69
Have You Seen Her 5:02 $0.69
Oh Girl 3:37 $0.69
The Coldest Days Of My Life 8:30 $0.69
Stoned Out Of My Mind 3:03 $0.69
We Need Order 5:21 $0.69
There Will Never Be Any Peace 5:11 $0.69
A Letter To Myself 4:59 $0.69
Are You My Woman (Tell Me So) 3:08 $0.69
Toby 3:47 $0.69
Homely Girl 3:28 $0.69

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