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The Provider

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    Early in their careers, Daryl Hall and John Oates had a group known as Gulliver. Since the group never gained any popularity they decided to just go solo. We are very happy to be able to bring these early recordings to Hall & Oates fans. They are great songs and the performances are great as well.

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Perkiomen 2:41 $0.69
Angelina 2:47 $0.69
I’ll Be By 3:10 $0.69
The Provider 2:48 $0.69
The Reason Why 3:11 $0.69
If That’s What Makes You Happy 2:56 $0.69
In Honor Of A Lady 2:28 $0.69
Deep River Blues 2:46 $0.69
A Lot Of Changes Comin’ 3:21 $0.69

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