Wonderful Life

Irene Kral was a sensational ballad singer who sang with several big bands such as Woody Herman, Stan Kenton and Maynard Ferguson. She was often compared to a softer version of Carmen McRae. This collection contains a terrific selection of wonderful performances by Irene Kral.

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Mad At The World 9:14 $0.69
Sometime Ago 16:32 $0.69
Is It Over, Baby? 13:02 $0.69
This Life We've Led 19:33 $0.69
There Is No Right Way 12:48 $0.69
I've Never Been Anything 10:31 $0.69
Goin' To California 18:44 $0.69
Hold Your Head High 10:40 $0.69
Nothing Like You 11:10 $0.69
Here I Go Again 14:05 $0.69
Wonderful Life 9:26 $0.69

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