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Cowboys & Injuns

Recorded back inn 1977, "Cowboys & Injuns," sadly this was Big Red Savage's only album. He sounded much like a long established country star with a soul in the old west. He rode in like the "Posse" then disappeared into the sunset. A true cowboy!


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Cowboys & Injuns 3:13 $0.69
Tear 'Isa 3:12 $0.69
Questions 'N Answers 3:00 $0.69
Lookin' Around 2:34 $0.69
Oh Lord 2:47 $0.69
Jailhouse Blues 2:56 $0.69
Understanding Her Answer 2:44 $0.69
About My Friend 2:50 $0.69
Winning Hand 2:19 $0.69
Crowded Streets 3:09 $0.69

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