Pandora, Satellite and Terrestrial Radio All Need To Pay A Fair Rate.

It amazes me that the major PR campaigns of broadcasters is working. Pandora, Satellite and terrestrial radio are all posting major profits yet they make everyone think that they can’t afford to pay artists.

For the past 50 years the music industry has been trying to have artists compensated for their work since without music none of these companies could exist. It was a major breakthrough when the law was passed to have internet broadcaster pay a licensing fee – yet terrestrial and satellite radio still doesn’t have to pay. Now Pandora and other rich companies are trying to have the rates lowered which is unacceptable.

Restaurants, bars and clubs have to pay a licensing fee to play music and have for many years. They said they could not afford to pay and it would either force them all out of business or to just stop playing music. But isn’t it amazing that after all these years they are still in business and still playing music.

As a music producer and a record company owner I am tired to being screwed. Broadcasters make enough money from their advertisers and subscribers to pay a fair royalty to music creators. This should not be just another free lunch.
Everyone should be paid fairly for their work and that includes artists, songwriters, producers and record companies. Stop buying the bullshit that Pandora and the rest of the broadcasters are peddling saying that they can’t afford to pay.

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