Mr Paganini

Mr Paganini

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Ella Fitzgerald is unquestionably the greatest singer of all time who Frank Sinatra named the “First Lady of Song”. Some critics called her the “Queen of Jazz” and many musicians referred to her as Lady Ella. From her very early days as the girl singer with Chick Webb’s band to her amazing solo career, Ella has set the standard to which all singers try to achieve. Ella Fitzgerald was a jazz singer and she was considered the best of all time by critics, her peers and audiences. Ella was known her pure and rich tone, impeccable diction, phrasing and intonation. She used her voice like a trumpet mostly because her idol growing up was Louis Armstrong (who she would perform and work with after she became well known – she called him “Pops”). She utilized her “horn-like” improvisational ability creating her unique style of her scat singing.

As charming, elegant and generous as she was talented. Ella had a very hard childhood and endured problems with racists through the years but she never let it tear her down. There never has, nore will there ever be anyone like Ella.

Here is America’s First Lady of Song live in New York City in the late 1950’s. On bass is her then husband, Ray Brown (we also have several albums by their son Ray Brown Jr.).This is a true collector’s favorite. All the songs are available as downloads, the CD will be available later this year as a limited edition product.