Prelude To A Kiss (feat. Pete Minger)

Prelude To A Kiss (feat. Pete Minger)

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“Clear Out Of This World” by Nan Bell

It’s not an everyday occurrence when a singer truly moves you with her style and phrasing. Nan Bell has that unique ability to move her audiences as she brings an emotional edge to the songs she sings. Her voice, style and vocal phrasing is reminiscent of the classic crooners. Often compared to the likes of Anita O’Day, Nan Bell is a remarkable jazz vocalist who stands out from the pack of everyday singers.

Nan Bell has performed at major supper clubs, night clubs, jazz festivals and other assorted venues all across the United States. From Mister Kelly’s in Chicago to The French Quarter in Fort Lauderdale, Nan Bell has thrilled audiences. She has worked with the biggest name musicians both in the recording studio and on stage. Critics and audiences alike rave about the remarkable Nan Bell. Her fans stretch from coast to coast, continent to continent. Jazz industry legend and founder of Prestige Jazz, Bob Weinstock who discovered Miles Davis has stated that Nan Bell is the best Jazz singer he has heard in many years and he considered her to be among the best ever. “No one can sing like Nan, she is a true jazz singer” said Weinstock.

“Clear Out Of This World” combines the vocal talents of Nan with great musicians including Dolf Castallano, Tony Castallano, Lew Barryman, James Martin, Pete Minger, Lee Swartz, Tad Weed, Jeff Littleton, Dick Berk, Jerry Weldon, Dan Faehale, Guy Viverose and Dennis Noday with veteran producers Bob Weinstock and Shelly the helm.