Shakin’ And Shoutin’

Shakin’ And Shoutin’

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Magic Sam was one of the greatest Chicago blues musicians who became known as a top blues player at the tender age of 19 after the release of his first album, “All Your Love”, for Cobra Records in 1957. Other guitarists may have been flashier but no one else ever had the emotional sound Sam created.

You could instantly recognize that it was Magic Sam as soon as you heard his distinctive tremolo guitar playing and it helped him get bookings at the West Side blues clubs. His guitar style, vocals, and songwriting have inspired and influenced many blues musicians. “Magic Sam had a different guitar sound,” said his record producer, Willie Dixon. “Most of the guys were playing the straight 12-bar blues thing, but the harmonies that he carried with the chords was a different thing altogether. This tune “All Your Love”, he expressed with such an inspirational feeling with his high voice. You could always tell him, even from his introduction to the music”. He died young, at only 32 years old.

This is Magic Sam – “Westside Guitar Wizard”.